yam l’yam ( sea to sea)

7 Apr

On March 21 ( wow, that is a really long time ago) Danielle, Emma and I departed for yam l’ yam, more like bus to bus. On the normal Yam l’yam hiking trip you hike across the ENTIRE country, from the Mediterranean Sea to the Kinneret. However, Hebrew U did not think we were up to the challenge. They also did not think we were the kind of kids who would want to sleep outside, cook their own food… in other words: CAMP. I’ll give you a recap of each day of the hike.

Day 1: We leave the kfar at 6:00 am.. i have not voluntarily woke up that early in god knows how long. Not surprising, we do not leave until 7. We get to the hike and are informed that we will be hiking through an area with water that might be, at the deepest, up to our thighs. Ughh… not okay. Well… there was no turning back. After about the first half of the hike I had not gotten wet, no foot submersion for me. My ego was a little big at this point so I decided to try to cross the river a different route that looked like it would allow me to not get wet. The river won. Here is a photo of me after I fully submerged myself.   Image

Well…the rest of the hike my shoes were squeeky. My lululemon leggings, on the other hand, dried really quickly ( props to lululemon for making a great product). After our day of hiking ( more like strolling) we took a bus to Akko and stayed there for the night.

Day 2/3: We hiked up Mt. Meron, the second highest mountain in israel. It was very picturesque and and again…. another walk. I like walking and the scenery was pretty and I had dry clothes, so I was happy.


We spent the night of day 2 (Friday) and day 3( saturday) in Peki’in, a Druze village in the north of Israel. What are the druze you may ask? Druze is a secret religion, with roots in Islam. If you want to convert to druze-ism… sorry, but you missed out because acceptance stopped in 1043. Peki’in was historically a village where Arabs, Jews and the Druze lived together peacefully, but now there is only one REALLY old Jewish woman left. We got a chance to meet her on Saturday when she opened up the synagogue for us to visit. We also visited the cave where Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai wrote the Zohar, the book of kabbalah. Saturday night we had a nice Israeli style campfire cookout. We made something called Poyke. It is basically a stew made out of anything and everything possible..vegetables, beef, potatoes, rice, beans, wine, beer, coca cola, etc. It was actually delicious.


Day 4: Another beautiful walk in a river bed( thankfully it was mostly dry this time) from bus to bus. We ended the hike at Bora Bora beach on the kinneret, which is a really nice private beach restaurant. If anyone is ever looking to host an anniversary, birthday, bar-mitzvah, or cocktail party I highly recommend you do it here. There was also a great spread of salads, cheese and wine waiting for us when we got there…my kind of hiking. We left at around 2:30 and headed back to Jeru. When we got home, I quickly did a load of laundry because the next couple days were pretty packed so I needed all the energy I could possibly get.


The next day, Monday, was passover..Surprise. It just snuck up on us so quickly. In the morning, Emma and I went to get our nails and other beauty treatments ( i.e. eyebrow waxing) done before we left for our spring break trips. I was meeting my parents in Italy on Wednesday ( a blog entry to come about this trip, but if you want I already posted an album on Facebook with all my photos) and Emma was meeting her Mom and Grandmother in Turkey ( how exotic)! We were recommended to go to a place called Eden by one of our friends who had been in the past. She told us it was inexpensive, but we were shocked t how much of a bargain it was. For my eyebrow waxing, upper lip waxing and a manicure , it was a whopping $34. I might have to start flying to Israel cause they did a really good job too.

After our beautification, Emma and I caught a bus to Tel- Aviv. We went to seder at Emma’s Mom’s Friend’s house( SO many connections) in Ramat Hasharon, a suburb just north of Tel Aviv. Her son picked us up from where we were staying, and not to my surprise, he was a Leadership 2004 counselor at CHK, anyone remember Guy? Anyways, the Seder was wonderful and Nurit ( the hostess) was as welcoming and nice  as anyone could have been.

On Tuesday, Emma and I continued our honeymoon vacation together by touring Jaffa and riding bikes on the boardwalk in Tel Aviv.


In the afternoon we met up with Eri and her parents at their hotel and lounged at the pool. Tuesday evening, Eri’s parents took us out to dinner at an amazing fish restaurant in Jaffa called Hazaken ve’Hayam ( the old man and the sea). When we sat down, they immediately brought over 10 different salads and laffa bread and kept refilling them until we finally said no more. We all ordered different kinds of fish and we all got an ENTIRE fish. After dinner, we walked around Tel-Aviv, got some fro yo and eventually made it home.

Wednesday morning I woke up excited, the day had finally arrived. The day the Mayer family would reunite in Rome for our first International vacation together.

more on Italy soon… or more about ALL the food we ate and the couple of places we visited.xoox




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