la famiglia va a Italia

17 Apr

Over spring break, I met my parents and Mitchell in Italy for our first international vacation together as a family. We spent the first 5 days in Rome and the last 4 days in Florence. I can easily say that this was one of the most delicious and fun vacations I have ever been on. It was great spending time with my family and seeing all that Italy had to offer. In the time we were there, we really saw it all: The Vatican, The Trevi, The Spanish Steps, the Pantheon, The Uffizi, the Borghese gardens, the forum and Colosseum, the Duomo, etc.
So, rather than list of everything we did day by day, i’ll quickly sum some of my favorite parts of the trip.

Favorite Activity: The Tesstacio Food Tour- On our first full day in Rome we went on a 4 hour food tour in an up and coming foodie neighborhood and got a chance to taste all the Roman classics. It was exhausting having to eat all that food but a gastronomic experience none the less.

Favorite Statue: The David. This calls for a story and one of the funnier moments on the trip. Everywhere in the world (US not included) uses army time on digital clocks. The David statues is at the Academia which is run by the same people who run the Uffizi. So, when you buy tickets to go to the Uffizi and the David, they schedule you to do it all in the same day. We went to the Uffizi in the morning ( around 11) and then thought we were going to see the David at 6:45. Our plan was to go back to the hotel after we were done with the Uffizi, rest, see the David and then go out to dinner. We thought it was a little weird that we were seeing the David so late in the day, but we went with it. When we were all resting at the hotel, Dad runs into the room in quite a tiz and announces that we made a huge mistake. We were supposed to see the David at 16:45 aka 4:45 not 6:45. Mom kept saying 6:45 all day long and no one thought it necessary to double check the time. Anyways, the hotel called the Academia and we made it in right before the Museum stopped letting people in.

Favorite City: Florence

Favorite Restaurant: Olio and Convivium- Originally a specialty food store and now a restaurant as well.

Favorite Gelato: The place near our hotel in Florence.

Favorite Pizza: Dar Poeta- Thanks to a GREAT recommendation by Izzy Sobel ( a friend from Michigan who is studying abroad in Rome). We waited for over an hour but it was worth it.

Favorite Pasta: Pasta Carbonara

Favorite Breakfast: Rome Calvileri- I have never seen a spread like this in my lifetime.

Favorite Panini- Gusta Panini

I can keep going and going but I would rather stop and not make myself hungry. I had such a great time and cannot wait to go back!

Leaving my parents was a little sad but now I have gotten back into the swing of things here. The past week and a half home have been exciting, emotional, sad and happy. It was Yom HaShoah ( Holocaust Remembrance day) last week. We were fortunate enough to go see a survivor speak and it was a moving, heart wrenching story.
This past Monday was yom hazikaron (Israeli memorial day) and we went to har hertzel, the national military cemetery to pay our respects to fallen soldiers. Seeing the ages of all the soldiers on the graves really hits home because they are all so young. From sadness to happiness, Monday night was Yom Haatzmaut ( independence day). We party hoped all over the city of Jerusalem. From Ben Yehudah Street, to a house party in Rehavia and then finally a student party on the top of mamilla mall right outside of the Old City. It was truly a night I will never forget.

gotta run to class….xoxox



One Response to “la famiglia va a Italia”

  1. Linda SALZMAN April 17, 2013 at 10:49 pm #

    Dear Jamela, Pasta carbonara is Papa’s favorite as well. Don’t you just love the pasta!!! And the happy Italian wine…and the gelato, and everything else. Beautiful everywhere, right? You probably know that when Michelangelo sculpted the David there was a contest to design a sculpture for a thin piece of marble, hard to find form in, and he won the contest. What an amazing feat. I wish that I could take The David home. He is an idealized masterpiece beyond comparison. So in other words. , I agree with you. He is my favorite. Oh, that hand!

    Love the way that you write about food and travel…would you consider doing so as a career?

    Happy to hear from you. All is well here. Hope that Mom and Mitch are enjoying The U of Miami. Be well! We love you!!!!! Dindee and Bumba

    Sent from my iPad

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